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37 weeks! (& 6 days) At this point, I would count the hours & minutes if I could. You have a birthday and there’s nothing we can do about it. No amount of bouncing on a big ball, no amount of spicy food or fresh pineapple or chinese take out.  No amount of walking or sighing or eyelash wishes. And no amount of coaxing from your Daddy. he let you know many times if you decide to come today you will get presents every year on your half birthday Nope. I’ve done my part for the time being. You, baby boy, are a complete work. Now, we wait. We wait for your birthday.  Because you have one already. And there’s nothing we can do about it. 
36 weeks!   Our Little Fan Club. There’s a group of little girls that play outside everyday and every time they see me coming they are ready with the compliments. From the dress I am wearing to my hair color. From my toenail polish to my ability to walk down the stairs with such a big belly. They really are so sweet for noticing. And they ask about you a lot. Are you a boy? How big are you going to be?  Can they see you when you get here? Are you heavy?  And every time, without fail, one yells out: “You on yo’ way to have yo’ baby?”  I’m so excited for the day I get to say yes!
33 weeks 34 weeks  35 weeks! August is the size of a baby! You and I have been growing.  and we’ve been forgetting.  Forgetting where we left things last, forgetting our day plans to be productive, forgetting to blog.. Our home is quiet. A quiet home that is begging for your coos and your whimpers and your tiny deep breaths. A quiet home leaving me all day to think. I think of you. Our baby! From your sweet smelling head to tiny curled up toe, snuggled on my chest like a little sack of sugar.  Swoon. You, our tiny baby with tiny baby parts. lips. ears. eyebrows. shoulders. belly. ankles. heels.  And all this quiet thinking of all your tiny parts makes me weak for you. But it also makes me nervous. Nervous at just how much we will love you.  It has to hurt to love like that, right? My brain has one heck of a time trying to wrap itself around thoughts of you, makes me dizzy.  But, baby boy, my heart already knows. My heart knows all about you. Because my heart, it is inside, making
She is simply amazing. 31 Weeks ago she walked me into a photobooth, leaned in close, and whispered in my ear, “we’re having a baby.”  I didn’t quite know what to do with this new information, and, really, I’m still trying to figure that out, but she has had no such difficulty.  This amazing woman has taken to motherhood with such ease and grace that I frequently find myself in silent awe of her. Almost a year ago when I watched her walk up that aisle to me, that huge smile beaming up at me, I thought I would never see anything more beautiful in my life. But I tell you now that that was a mere foretaste of the beauty that was latent inside her. For the last 35 weeks I’ve had the immense joy to watch her grow in belly and in beauty. Somehow those two go hand-in-hand. She frequently apologizes for being “too much”, but this amazing woman has carried our son with no complaint and with so much strength. I know I couldn’t carry such a burden as lightly as she’s managed to do. In fact,