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How We Got My Dream Sofa At A 130 Dollar Profit

You may not know this about us, but Jared and I are craigslist crazy. There are many reasons for this. One being that we are currently in good ol' Dave Ramsey's baby step 2, which is paying off all of our debts. Two is that we get to trade and upgrade furniture, home furnishings, and baby supplies often, most times without even touching our wallets. Three, being that we love a deal and craigslist is chock full of deals. Four, being that we have a one year old and it is just less stress owning used stuff, ya know?
Yes, we do love craigslist. Buying. Selling. Flipping. We find it all to be very exciting. It also helps that our community is outstanding at craigslisting. C'ville, you old doll you.

This brings me to a story that was meant to be an email to my sisters and mom, but halfway through writing it, I realized it was lengthy and tried to scale it back, but I just couldn't. So I read it to Jared who said it'd be a good blog post and I haven't been blogging much…

We Rock at Bedtime

A quiet unbusy moment is very hard to come by these days. When August is awake, the house is alive with little running feet and dramatic demands for snacks. There are diapers to be changed and bobos to be kissed. There's the daily rotation of Mom! pick me up, Mom! chase after me, Mom! cuddle me, Mom! twirl me, Mom! sing to me, Mom! watch me play, Mom! watch me eat, Mom! let's watch all the videos of me on your iPad, Mom! let me stick my finger in your belly button. Repeat. And when he is napping there are goldfish crackers to be swept and mushy banana to be washed out of my hair. And a house that needs my attention, but I normally ignore and instead, put on clothes and make-up while I watch episodes of 30 Rock.
And so, I cherish the ten minutes I spend at night rocking August before bed. It is dark and quiet and the only important thing in that moment is be with my son, pray over him, and rock us back and forth. It is the one thing that has not changed since the very first ni…

Talking about the Weekend on a Wednesday

Friday night we brought a picnic of Jimmy John's and met up with my sister and her family to watch the UVA marching band practice their game day music. August thought this to be incredibly riveting. He ate a big pickle (his JJ's usual) and did a little dance as the band blared cotton eyed joe. His outfit was drenched with pickle juice almost immediately so I was glad I brought him an extra outfit. Except all I grabbed was a onesie. And so, in a onesie and boots., he adorably danced and so boldly ran around with some elementary aged girls. Go get'em, Tiger!  We usually have a standing family ChickFilA date on Saturday mornings, but we opted to stay in. We spent our morning switching out our summer clothes for autumn clothes. This Indian Summer is something serious, but we are determined to show him who's boss. This is also why we spent the rest of the day stocking up on all of our cold weather soup ingredients. Taco soup, curry soup, chili, and gumbo for months and month…