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I thought with this little blog here I should recap this fantastic year of 2012.  Our baby blog did a great job of showcasing me and my growing belly. But what was behind the scenes of 2012, you ask? Well, this good, good year is all thanks to this good, good man. Darling Jared, you are the stuff my dreams are made of.

January (Pinkberry & Anthropologie, well gosh.)

February (Thanks for never missing an appointment! You are a super teammate!)

March (Oh, you.)

April (Voice of an angel, this one.)
May (You make this life of ours a party.)
June  (Fatherhood. You’re doing it right.)

July (That’s my man! With my baby! swoon.) 
August (You are a super father. August told me so.)
September (I mean, look at you. You wear fatherhood well.)

October  (You love our son. You love him well.)
November (Sleeping on your chest is our own little heaven.)

December (I love you.)

Here’s to an even happier new year. If that’s even possible.

And on his 150th day, August eats oats.

A highchair has been standing tall in our kitchen ever since that day when I was seven months pregnant and Jared decided that it needed to be assembled right then and there. Because…well, why not? I did not have a suitable enough answer as I very pregnantly sat staring at him. So there it has been standing: a very tall, very empty, chair for a baby. A baby who eats food that include bowls and spoons and the ability to sit on it’s bum.

But big news! A wee seven months later, little tiny bowls nestle in the cupboard, little tiny spoons sit in the utensil drawer, and a little tiny bum squirms in the chair. All of which make Jared and me go silly with joy. especially the bum.

And with this new milestone of oat-eating, I am feeling more Mama than ever. And anything that makes me feel all Mama-esque is more than welcome. So bring. it. on.

And I’ll be ready with the airplane sounds, Daddy will be ready with the camera, and we’ll both be ready with the cheers after each bite.