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Sixteen weeks! Little A is now the size of an avocado. Yummy. (Okay, that’s weird. But, c’mon, I can’t be the first ‘soon-to-be’ mama to get lured in. Maybe somebody should change out these baby size charts, ya know the ones that hungry pregnant women look at weekly, for non-edible things. just a thought.) 
Oh boy, (or girl) how I’ve grown! I don’t know if its the new Bobble competition that has my belly rounding out or if its just the normal 16 week stretch, but there you are, Little A. You are making me look like a Mama. And that is just super! :) 
Yesterday, after a super fun date day with Daddy to Ruckersville, VA, we came home to a surprise package at the door! Inside were these super cute ducky pajamas. They are from your very sweet and thoughtful Momsie, who I just know you will adore. After all, she’s the reason I’ve got such a smashing husband & you’ve got such a sensational Daddy.
**Thank you, Momsie, for these adorable pajamas! They will keep me and Little A cozy until we …
Doctor has ordered me to drink much more water.
Daddy found a great deal on big Bobbles at Target.
Which now calls for a: 
Battle of the Bobbles!
We are now in competition to see who can drink the most full 34oz Bobbles from now until we meet Little A. 
Oh. It. Is. On.
15 weeks! & Little A is the size of an orange.
Daddy and I have spent all of our time indoors, it is cold out
There are times when I’m a little jealous of you all warm in my belly.
But then I remember all the hard work you are doing with all that growing.
And instead of jealous, I’m just plain proud.
It’s a proud thing to be pregnant.
I do things like:
-checking my belly bump in the mirror everyday to see if I can tell a difference from the day before.
-staring at my belly button thinking it could pop out any second.
-wearing clothes that show you off because it makes Daddy smile.
-waking up in the middle of the night to focus on maybe just maybe feeling you stir in there. Nothing yet. But something tells me its gonna be soon…
"Let’s sell the car!"
-his words while sitting in this incredibly comfortable, incredibly pricey recliner.
I laughed at his joke until I took a turn and realized he wasn’t kidding. We left the store quickly for fear we might just do it.

best part of the day.

me:    come home?


Fourteen Weeks! Little A is now the size of a lemon.
I am feeling much more energetic: washing dishes, blowdrying my hair, & no longer changing out of pajamas into pajamas
I am much hungrier. Lucky Charms, clementines, strawberry fruit snacks, & walnuts are our favorites.
I find myself wandering over to the baby dept of any store I am in, just to pick things up, coo over them, and then put them back because I’ve got the self control now that I know I’ll lack once I find out Little A’s gender.
Daddy asks lots of sweet questions: like how we are doing? am i comfortable? can he get us anything? and his favorite: can baby hear yet? reminding me that as soon as whattoexpect says Little A can hear, it’ll be Bach, Beethoven, Mozart…and probably some SleepingAtLast and Emmylou Harris everyday in our house. Goodbye gangster rap! ;)
We went on vacation to D.C. before Christmas. Just the two of us. 
We stayed in a swanky hotel.
We had Pinkberry.
Jenna got a new haircut.
Jared got a new coat.
We rode the Metro.
We shopped in Georgetown in the pouring rain.
We went to the Library of Congress.
& we fell in love. all over again.