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We are the Mothers, the Keepers of our Babies

I have a problem. It all started when, much to my husband's approval , Apple released iOS7.  I didn't jump right in. I waited. I read all the news about how people hated it. I read all the news about people loving it. I watched as my fascinated husband sat rotating his iPad in his palms as he watched the background of the apps slightly move. A feature that did not go unappreciated by my better half. He oohed and he ahhed. And I gave in. I handed him my iPad and said I was ready to update. He gleamed. And then he handed it back, unupdated. According to him, I did not have enough storage space. How rude! I do not have a lot of apps. Or downloads. Or music. But you know what I have? I have an adorable baby. An adorable baby that I don't know how to not take photos of all day every day. I have a problem. Jared misses so much while he is at work, so I find it in my job description to document August's every meal, his every outfit change, and anyt

If You

If you told him the library was for reading books, he wouldn't believe you. Not a bit. Not when there are toys and and a grand staircase. If you told him that libraries are for quiet voices, he would squeal his loudest squeal over and over until everyone was adoring him, even the librarians. If you sat in a comfy chair and proceeded to whisper read, he would just look back for long enough to let you think he might just come sit right beside you and lay his head on your shoulder and point to all the animals as you make quiet animal noises and he'd giggle sweetly. If you lead yourself to believe all that, then be prepared to have your thought bubble popped as you turn and see him halfway up the staircase. Oy! If you come over, August will be happy as a camel on a Wednesday (you've seen that commercial, right?) to show you our thriving rock garden. If you look interested enough, he will pick a rock out for you. He will lift it way in the air and he'll gasp at how

A Baby in a Video Store

When Jared and I were just wee newlyweds, we found a video rental store near our house. And because we were totally hermits our first year of marriage, we quickly became regulars at that store. Baby newlyweds in a video store, it was all very romantic. But when we moved to a different side of town, we became regular Redboxers. No need for video stores when you have one of those guys at every gas station and drugstore. And then we had a baby and watching one entire movie started to take 3 days.  Seriously. The day we brought August home from the hospital, Jared and I were so adorably clueless. So we started watching Amelie and three days later, we finished it.  Eventually we just stopped watching movies all together.  Until last week when we were heading out for our weekly grocery trip and Jared surprised me. He drove all the way across town to our old stomping grounds to the video store!  We walked in and our baby looked at us like what is this little heaven on e

Maybe I'll Blog More Now

I have been wanting to move our blog to a more user friendly space on the internets for a while now. Last night I finally did it! Welcome to our new online digs. Thank you goes out to my husband, who had band practice last night, and to my baby for falling asleep like the angel that he is, for leaving me at home to be bored enough to embark on such adventures. Thank you to google and youtube for dumbing it all down enough for even me to figure out how to do it.  And last of all, thank you to Tumblr, for creating a very not Jenna-friendly uploading situation that made me huff and puff and google MOVE TUMBLR TO BLOGGER FOR DUMMIES. All caps, people. It wasn't my finest hour. And so there you have it, folks. We have moved to Blogger, and now as a reader you can do fun things like leave comments. I really hope you do.  I mean, you don't have to.  No pressure.  Also, if you scroll down to the bottom, you'll notice you can browse old posts!