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To My Darling Husband

Dearest, It was morning when you became a father. I will never forget your face. You had tears in your eyes. You had the perfect new dad scruff beard. And you had this proud smile painted across your face. You kissed me. You called me amazing. And you let me hold him first. Thank you for that.  You called him by his name. August Abram Buchanan, you said. And I remember it sounding like it was the first time I’d ever heard it. Even though we had been saying it over and over for about 6 months. It wasn’t long til the doctors and nurses left, and it was just the three of us. For a little while, no one else in the world existed.  Motherhood hit me hard and fast and all at once. I wasn’t quite expecting how new and different life would be. I was becoming this whole new person. And I felt a little out of control at times. But watching you and listening to you kept me calm and kept me reminded that I was made to be a mother. You sailed into fatherhood. A calm to my crazy. A father’s grace to

The Buchanans Are Moving

Friday is here! We are spending our weekend moving into our little dream house. Moving with an 11 month old helper is tricky. He wants to be held. Then he wants to help you unpack the box you are packing. Then he wants to throw loose Cheerios in the box because we better not forget those.  Yesterday, we parented up and learned if we took turns: one of us holding the boy and the other running boxes down three flights of stairs; we’d make a lot more progress. So that’s what we did. And my calves have been saying curse words at me ever since.  But oh boy, our new place is worth all the work! It has lots of windows that already have baby hand prints all over them. And  stairs that my tiny little baby mastered by the end of the first day.   Baby gates, we are coming for you.  And lots of neighbor kids that shout, “HEY GUS!” when they see us. Popular baby. And it has a neighborhood cat that roams around outside. Gus likes to roar at him and the cat will meow back and I’m pretty sure it’s th

I Instagram Now @jenbucky

My boys bought me flowers from the City Market on Saturday.  Summer is ours. We were made husband and wife in the summertime. We were made father and mother in the summertime. And this baby here, he has always been my sweet, sweet summertime, even in the dead of winter. Jared plays in the church band once a month. Which means August and I arrive early to listen to them practice. August dances to the music and stares at Jared in complete admiration. #cooldad August also enjoys having an empty church to crawl. crawl. crawl. It was cute this one time so I took a picture. What was even cuter? After all the paper spun off the roll, he looked at me confused and tried to put it back. I explained to him it would not go back, he cried and pressed his head in my neck. Message received?  He stands for seconds at a time and he thinks it is the coolest. So do I. After weeks of terrible teething, he has two halves of teeth. They just kind of popped in and gave up. I like those two tiny teeth. Especi