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August Abram Buchanan. Oh boy, it’s you!  I’ve been praying for you. And for your Daddy. And for what our family will be like in 6 months. And praying for a lot of the question marks to become exclamation points. Yup, I’ve been praying a lot actually. So much that I feared that I was praying much too much. Which is nonsense, by the way. God told me so. God reminds me that we are in this creating together. You, me, Daddy, and Him.  Your Daddy and I are busy creating our life and world to be ready for you, August. And God, well, He is busy creating you to be ready for us. Oh how stunning that is!   So August, I know you know me-you kick me awake in the middle of the night to remind me that we belong to each other. And I know you know Daddy-you move around when he plays music and I feel the happiness of two when he is near. But, son, the most wonderful thing that I’ve learned during this time of intense praying, the most comforting thing, the most dazzling thing….it is that I kn
Right now, there’s two of you. In my mind, there’s two. There’s Little Miss A and Little Mister A. And I really like it that way. Daddy and I have given you each names and even pretend personalities, which we know, you will outshine and be a better and more amazing person than we can dream up. But for now, for these last moments, while there are still two. Before we unfold more of the mystery. Before we learn the one thing we will never unlearn. I want document some of our thoughts about you, mysterious Little A. Little Mister A: In our minds, you are full of wonder and never stop wanting to learn. You ask a lot of questions about how things work and why, which I make up all the answers to and then your Daddy figures out and lets us both know the truth. You have the keenest sense of style starting really early on. You take note from your Daddy in that department. You have the most kissable lips in the world (you get that from your Daddy too.)  Little Miss A: In our minds, you a
19 weeks! Little A is the size of a mango. Today it snowed & church was cancelled so Daddy and I went for a quiet walk around the neighborhood. We thanked God for pretty snow and for each other and of course, for you. Our little family was all bundled up, thanks to our protective mister who pretty much dressed us. He held my hand as we walked and kissed my nose at every stop and talked to you about how he wished you could be outside with us to see our beautiful world. Our beautiful world. The world that has been so much more beautiful to us since October. Since we haven’t, for a second, stopped imagining our world with you in it.  
18 weeks! Little A is the size of a sweet potato.  You’ve been moving around and it makes me happy. I notice when I have a full bladder you tend to move a lot more. And since I adore feeling your kicks and squirms, I tend to drink more water. You must be  competitive , Little A. You also like to kick when I put things on my belly, mostly my home fetal heartbeat detector passed down from your aunts (too early to hear your heartbeat with it) but I like to play and watch you kick at it. Super adorable. The photo is of me and Pops while we were in Louisiana. He enjoyed seeing me put away lots of food. And I enjoyed seeing him put away all of my luggage. teehee He didn’t let me lift a finger while I was home and kept reminding me to “ take it slow and relax ”. Which I did and I do, thanks to good men like your Pops and your Daddy.
We are back in Charlottesville. And I miss Louisiana so much I could cry. Well, cry some more, that is. But more than Louisiana, I miss these two. My Mama & Dad. Your Remy & Pops. We had so much fun with them, Little A. I can’t wait to see you in their arms in July, basking in their warm hugs & kisses. Or when you are older, laughing at their jokes, calling them on the phone, coloring them pictures to mail, taking long weekend trips to visit them.  But mostly, I can’t wait to see how much you’ll remind me of them. Maybe you’ll have Remy’s beautiful deep brown eyes, or Pops’ wonderfully contagious laugh. Whatever it is, Little A, you’ll grow up with their unconditional love , which I can attest is the  best way to grow up! Lucky us, Little A, Lucky us.
17 weeks! Little A is the size of a turnip! We are spending this week in my hometown with Remy & Pops! It has been the most fun trip so far & I don’t want to leave. I’ve been playing tour guide to Daddy and you. This picture is of us at Jackson Square park in the French Quarter. And while we have done some Louisiana sightseeing, most of our trip has been for eating! I’m glad to have the extra appetite, thanks for being just as hungry as me, Little A. Remy’s shrimp fettucini, strawberry shortcake, chocolate fondue, fried crawfish & shrimp at Parain’s, beignets at Cafe Du Monde, king cake dough flavored ice cream at Creole Creamery, creole gumbo at Cafe Pontalba, Remy’s hot roast beef subs, & her banana pudding!   And we still have two whole eating days left! Boiled c rawfish, king cake, poboys, doberge cake… Oh! You have been moving around a bunch and I can feel it! Mostly in the morning, so I’m thinking you are like me: a morning bird. Daddy felt you move, too. W
**photo update coming soon**
I  should  be packing but… I’ve been kicked! Laying on my belly, gchatting with Daddy… I felt you kick! Thank you, Little A.  I can’t wait until I can share your kicks with your Daddy.  I’m so smitten with you, baby.
"Start packing."  -My two favorite words of the day.