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We had a baby! 18 months ago.

Hmm, where did we leave off? Oh that's right I was in my final month of pregnancy. Welp. Had that baby! That baby is now a walking talking 18 months. So.
When I logged in the latest draft waiting to be published was Autry Ames's birth announcement. Never published. Just waiting. I don't know what happened other than keeping three children alive and happy. So let's do a little reintroduction shall we?

August "Gus" is FIVE, a kindergartener, and an artist. He is currently reading everything, Jared and I have no idea how. But for as long as we can remember he has loved the alphabet and now, words. He is also super into comics (i.e. Captain Underpants and he just bought a Wimpy Kids book at a yard sale). He draws his own comics, writes us love letters, and his little sister loves to commission artwork for him. He adores his baby brother and begs us to let him babysit. He loves holidays, new seasons, and any reason to celebrate. At his bus stop this morning, he wal…