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Waffle Fries & Deep Breaths

Fridays are complete teasers. You wake up singing Rebecca Black and rejoicing about the weekend, yet in reality you still have an entire day of work ahead of you. And sometimes one day can feel like an entire week. Today was that day.
The morning was fine and normal with only one toddler meltdown over I forget what and maybe just touch too much tv time. (So Auden could nurse without Gus trying to shove a paci in her mouth in hopes that her food source would come play trains instead.) It's not an ideal day but it's our new normal for now.
It wasn't until after naptime that I thought I just might not survive another second under this roof with these sweet, but cray children. The toddler was busy laughing with crazy eyes and tearing apart his train table that I made the husband kragle (hot glue) last night. (didn't work, honey. Plan C?) And the newborn wanted nothing but her paci to be held in her mouth by yours truly. Oh, and for her brother to stop throwing trains on th…


Today our August Abram turns two. TWO!

When August came to the hospital to meet Auden, I couldn't believe how big he'd gotten and how long his hair grew and how strong his legs were as they ran around the room. Which is nonsense, since I'd only been gone from him for one day. But the comparison from holding brand new baby Birdie to hugging a two year old Gus confused my head. How did he go from being so little to being so grown while I spent every single day with him? Somehow I felt that I missed it.
Late last night I sorted through videos and photos of his second year of life and compiled them into a video montage. I watched as his skinny little legs wobbled underneath him as he walked and I saw his two little teeth turn into a mouthful and I laughed along with him as he giggled his way through the past year and I noticed all the happy and the silly that was lived in this family. And I realized I didn't miss it. I was there the whole time, growing along side him. He …

Auden Bird Buchanan: a birth story

On Friday the 13 of June, Jared and I checked into the hospital for our morning induction.  Despite it being a full moon and despite what everyone was telling me about second births, I was certain this baby girl was going to take her time and probably not arrive until the following day, just like her brother.  The morning was long and uneventful. We watched an episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Jared took a nap. I ate graham crackers and drank my weight in apple juice on the rocks. My mom arrived sometime around noon with a little coloring page from August for his baby sister. The three of us went for walks around the labor ward in hopes of convincing this baby to come on out and meet us. No dice.  I bounced on the birthing ball and spent a couple of hours just laughing and chatting with my mom and husband, all the while trying to seem in some form of labor (which I was not) every time the nurse would come in (which was a lot). Eventually the doctor decided to break my water, but fi…

Three Years

Dearest Jared, We celebrated three years of marriage last week. I spent our anniversary thinking about our wedding day, naturally. I thought about how I found my first grey hair the morning of our wedding and how my skin broke out for the first and only time of my life the week before our wedding. And I thought about how wedding planning was the absolute worst and I just wanted to be your wife already. I thought about how I had to keep reminding myself to breathe. I thought about walking up the aisle to you and giggling the whole time because I was so incredibly happy. I thought about how one of the first things I noticed when we came face to face was that you wore one of my bobby pins as your tie clip.  Dearest Jared, We celebrated three years of marriage last week. I wanted to bake you a pie and make you a card and put on makeup and a dress and make a playlist of all of our wedding jams so that we could dance. But instead I changed diapers, found pacifiers, fed babies, watched epis…


So I sorta dropped the ball on the weekly portraits. Oops! Not for lack of picture taking though. You should see how many pictures we have taken over the past 3 weeks! So many TOO many. Mostly 50 of the same picture over and over because newborns aren't the most photogenic no matter how perfect they are. You can trust me on this because Auden is the most perfect and in most of her pictures she look cray. But I keep them all because babies don't keep. Especially newborn babies who are the second child because HOW HAS IT BEEN THREE WEEKS ALREADY??? Seriously though, TONS of pictures. Except for I don't have anytime to go through them and post any because I'm way too busy taking more. I have posted a few on Instagram. (@jenbucky) Aside from the busy of adding filters and captions to instagrams, I've just been busy halfway doing things. Ya know, sweeping the kitchen floor into a pile but not getting to the dustpan part before I am changing a diaper. Transferring the clo…