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The Zoo

While we were in Louisiana last week, our baby turned a year old! So… …we went on down to the Audubon Zoo. ( and they all asked for you. ) For those of you who aren’t from Louisiana: it’s a song. Once you hear it, you’ll be singing it for days! Don’t worry eventually you’ll stop. But don’t you know right when you do, in walks your husband singing it. And so you start up again. And a few days pass and you are in the clear. And then you write a blog post about it and it’s in your head again. And that’s when you can’t wait until your husband gets home so you can go ahead and give in and perform a duet for your unamused toddlerbaby.  #fairwarning  Back to the heart of this exciting blog post about a one year old’s very first zoo visit. Here’s my takeaway from the day: cute! He enjoyed pointing at the animals and delivering his very best whisper roar to each of them. I’m still so proud. Lookit! My boys in sleeveless red and white strips. #america #adorable Oh this is a good’un. Jared hold

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler

This is my beautiful Mama and my dear ol’ Dad holding my baby. I used “my” a lot in that sentence and I’m not even going to change it because these three are mine and that’s just something that I am allowing myself to brag on. And now for a whole heck of a lot of pictures that I’ve been putting off uploading because emotions. I miss my parents and little brother much too much. August absolutely adores Remy. She taught him the sweetest little trick. The word dodo comes from a cajun french term of ‘night-night’. She’d say ‘go dodo’ and then slowly sing ‘dodo’, and that little dreambaby would lay his head on her shoulder and be as relaxed as I’d ever seen him. That woman knows how to mother.   Remy’s house has two dogs and a cat. At first Gus was cautious, but it didn’t take long for him to want down. To crawl after the cat’s tail and to touch the dogs’ wet noses and to occasionally grab a good handful of the dogs’ hair. They were cool with it. Even Jack-Jack, my Mom’s nervine chihuahua,

A Birthday Party For August

Last weekend, we celebrated August’s upcoming first birthday with family and a few friends. By the time we added all of August’s cousins in Virginia on the guest list, we barely had room for anyone else. So many cousin-friends. If this boy doesn’t make another friend in his life, he’ll be set. Although something tells me he’ll never meet someone that isn’t a friend. He’s such a gregarious little guy. I had a lot of fun preparing for the party. A quick trip to Michael’s to find some adorable circus party supplies was all I needed to decide on a theme. And after many of pinterest searches and clicking links to blogs of how other people did it bigger! and better! and handmade everything down to the straws! I shut the computer, paid for my straws, and did my best to make the party my own. Okay, I did use inspirations from here and there. Pinterest, I can’t quit you. I remember attending my nephews’  and nieces’ birthday parties and seeing their photo timelines and thinking ‘how wonderful!’