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Fourteen Weeks! Little A is now the size of a lemon.
I am feeling much more energetic: washing dishes, blowdrying my hair, & no longer changing out of pajamas into pajamas
I am much hungrier. Lucky Charms, clementines, strawberry fruit snacks, & walnuts are our favorites.
I find myself wandering over to the baby dept of any store I am in, just to pick things up, coo over them, and then put them back because I’ve got the self control now that I know I’ll lack once I find out Little A’s gender.
Daddy asks lots of sweet questions: like how we are doing? am i comfortable? can he get us anything? and his favorite: can baby hear yet? reminding me that as soon as whattoexpect says Little A can hear, it’ll be Bach, Beethoven, Mozart…and probably some SleepingAtLast and Emmylou Harris everyday in our house. Goodbye gangster rap! ;)