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18 weeks! Little A is the size of a sweet potato. 

You’ve been moving around and it makes me happy. I notice when I have a full bladder you tend to move a lot more. And since I adore feeling your kicks and squirms, I tend to drink more water. You must be competitive, Little A.
You also like to kick when I put things on my belly, mostly my home fetal heartbeat detector passed down from your aunts (too early to hear your heartbeat with it) but I like to play and watch you kick at it. Super adorable.
The photo is of me and Pops while we were in Louisiana. He enjoyed seeing me put away lots of food. And I enjoyed seeing him put away all of my luggage. teehee
He didn’t let me lift a finger while I was home and kept reminding me to “take it slow and relax”. Which I did and I do, thanks to good men like your Pops and your Daddy.