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August Abram Buchanan. Oh boy, it’s you! 

I’ve been praying for you. And for your Daddy. And for what our family will be like in 6 months. And praying for a lot of the question marks to become exclamation points. Yup, I’ve been praying a lot actually. So much that I feared that I was praying much too much. Which is nonsense, by the way. God told me so.
God reminds me that we are in this creating together. You, me, Daddy, and Him.  Your Daddy and I are busy creating our life and world to be ready for you, August.
And God, well, He is busy creating you to be ready for us. Oh how stunning that is!  

So August, I know you know me-you kick me awake in the middle of the night to remind me that we belong to each other.
And I know you know Daddy-you move around when he plays music and I feel the happiness of two when he is near.
But, son, the most wonderful thing that I’ve learned during this time of intense praying, the most comforting thing, the most dazzling thing….it is that I know you know God, that He is so near; and He is making himself known to you as he knits you in my womb.