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Right now, there’s two of you. In my mind, there’s two.
There’s Little Miss A and Little Mister A. And I really like it that way.
Daddy and I have given you each names and even pretend personalities, which we know, you will outshine and be a better and more amazing person than we can dream up.
But for now, for these last moments, while there are still two. Before we unfold more of the mystery. Before we learn the one thing we will never unlearn. I want document some of our thoughts about you, mysterious Little A.

Little Mister A: In our minds, you are full of wonder and never stop wanting to learn. You ask a lot of questions about how things work and why, which I make up all the answers to and then your Daddy figures out and lets us both know the truth. You have the keenest sense of style starting really early on. You take note from your Daddy in that department. You have the most kissable lips in the world (you get that from your Daddy too.) 

Little Miss A: In our minds, you are an explorer. You are brave and spirited, which probably makes me nervous but always leaves me amazed. You have adorable messy & wiry hair that you insist on being pinned back because it gets in the way of your daily adventures. You have a pout that melts the hearts of your Daddy and me (you get that from your Daddy), and you are clever and know just how to use it (Daddy says you get that from me). 

Now these are just thoughts that Daddy and I like to talk about. We like to paint the image of you in our minds, it makes us smile. But the truth is, whoever you grow to be, whatever you grow to be passionate about, Little A, you are completely loved. 100%. There’s not a chance in the world that you won’t feel it. And the one thing I do know about you is that you have a romantic heart, a heart that finds romance in all things, a heart that God spent a long time dreaming up and has perfectly mended together just for you. and just for us to love and adore.