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20-21 weeks. August is the size of banana/cantaloupe.

YOU ARE A BOY! Little Mister August Abram Buchanan. Be still my heart.

I got a chance to break out my blue nail polish from our wedding (yay!) and I’ve been online browsing baby boy clothes, accessories, & nursery decor. What fun!
I gave in and bought you a few outfits. Daddy and I have taken turns holding and cooing at them as if they were you. And we dream of what it will be like to dress you everyday and how exciting it is that we get to do that!

I look very pregnant now. (notice the picture: the buttons on my shirt are determined to hang on, but just. one. more. kick. and they’d be goners.)
I also feel very pregnant now. (leaving dropped items on the floor and exploring my new surprising range of emotions.) 
But most importantly, I’m falling in love with being pregnant now. (your kicks & hiccups have completely captivated me.)

I’m yours & certainly you’re mine.