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                                      Little Bits of Heaven on Earth

Sometimes this is how I see you. Fidgety and numbering the days…just waiting.  Waiting to see what we look like. Waiting for hands to hold. Waiting to be kissed.

Okay, I know there’s much more going on in there than just a twiddling of thumbs. Important things like the gaining of chubbiness, the perpetual (and adorable) cases of hiccups and the developing of devilishly handsome looks. 

So maybe it is just us…fidgety, numbering the days, and just waiting. Waiting to see what you look like. Waiting for little hands to hold. Waiting to be kissed.

Trying terribly hard to be patient.

But Impatience, well Impatience has been my downfall, lately.  It has caused me to be gloomy and grumpy and glum. And when I pray for patience, God often sends in my mind this vision to remind me of the incredible gift at the end of patience. A vision of God and me, hugging so tightly, smiling happy as never before and this groundbreaking moment when He whispers "I’ve been waiting for you" in my ears. And there I am feeling speechless and satisfied and sensational.

Oh how this image sends lightning bolts of purpose through my veins. And I’m hard pressed not to find the similarity between this vision and my life as it is now.

Every evening when I hear the car engine slow up the driveway, then the beep of the locks, the tin of the mailbox lid, and the jingle of the keys. I swing the front door open for the hugging and the smiling and the happy. And living out the words ‘I’ve been waiting for you’.

And then I think of the day, when God knows it is time. And we get to cash in our hard earned patience.  And our family gets to meet. You, all new to the world, and us, all new to parenthood. And the hugging, the smiling, the happy. But most importantly, the "I’ve been waiting for you" dripping down our faces. 

Speechless, Satisfied, Sensational.