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27 weeks! August is the size of a head of cauliflower.

Most days, I want you here more than anything.
I want to hold you, to feed you.
To just stare at you with the widest of eyes so as not to miss a second of you. 
To see you in your Daddy’s arms, cooing at him, falling in love with him. 
To see family kiss your pink cheeks, touch your tiny nose, hold your baby hands. 

Most days, I want that more than anything.

But some days… well some days I’m a bit selfish. 
& I love being the only one in the world that never misses you move. 
That gets to hold you and walk with you all day.  
That gets to rub your head or bottom every time you nudge them against me. 
That keeps you safe and calm and warm and growing.
And I love knowing every time I’m dancing, I’m dancing with you. 

Some days, I need that and I like to imagine you do too.