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29 weeks! August is the size of an acorn squash.

Jared and I had been dating for about a month when we took our first roadtrip. We were driving seven hours from South Carolina back home to Virginia and those seven hours consisted mostly of hand holding, music listening, and an obnoxious number of stolen cheek-kisses. Every 10 miles or so, Jared would position the rear view mirror in my direction just to smile & wink at me; making me fuss him to keep his eyes on the road then quickly and shyly turning my eyes to the window hoping he didn’t notice my expanding smile & blushing cheeks. Not many words were said during that car trip nor were we trying to create conversation. We were just falling very in love with being near, being together, being an ‘us’.
Now, a year and a half and many roadtrips later, our rides are much different. There’s still the falling in love, the hand holding, and the occasional stolen kisses. And if I know your Daddy, which I’ll proudly claim I do, I know those things will never change. But that flirty silence is now filled with lively conversations and laughter. And that is just wonderful!
But I often think of that time when we were so awe struck by each other and so overcome with falling in love. A reason I am so thankful to you, little man, because I just know that our new family car rides, with you cooing in the backseat and your Daddy driving with his hand in mine, and me blushing out the window at this family I was given; we will have our moments again. Where no words will be said, we will just be falling in love with being near, being together, being an 'us'.