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Those 'God is so good' laughs

Last night, I didn’t eat supper. I was moody and hungry and sick and feeling so not myself. So your Daddy did what he does best. He took care of us. He snuggled us under the covers and engaged me in a long conversation about the only topic that eases my mind: You.

He stroked my worried head and fed us banana slices and let us sip ice water through a green straw. A green straw he picked out of the pack just for me because I love green and he knows me well. I cried big, giant ‘I’m in love with this man’ tears about that green straw. (August, I hope one day you learn the significance a green straw can be to a girl.)

And your Daddy talked about how much we already love you and what a great job we’ll do at being your parents and how, once you are here, it’ll be hard to remember life before you. And that’s when I remembered I already kinda forgot what it was like before you.

I just remember the day I found out you were growing inside of me. I cried and eventually smiled. But once I told your Daddy about you, it was laughs of joy! Laughs about how quickly our life fell into place, laughs about how we will be called Daddy & Mama, laughs about how within literally 5 minutes of me whispering “i’m pregnant” into his ear, we were in Baby Gap, tearing up over onesies. Oh those laughs. Those ‘God is so good’ laughs. 

And before I fell asleep last night, your Daddy managed to get me fed and happy; smiling and laughing about how God is so good.