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31 weeks! August is the size of a pineapple.

It’s Mother’s Day. A day that I was unsure if I’d be ready to be celebrated in. With you still in my belly, I didn’t know if it would be cheating or if I’d even feel like a mom. Because most days I don’t.
I know once I see your face, Mother’s day will be everyday. Everyday of loving you, caring for you, needing you. And even though those things are already true of us, I’ve just got no idea how true. No idea.

But this morning, I was given a small moment of motherhood. As I sang to Jesus during worship and felt you move, like you do, I experienced it. For just a second. August, I felt a little bit like your mom. With a nod from God, the nod that said: Yep, Jenna Buchanan, you are a mom. Embrace it. Be unapologetically proud of it. It is who you are. Sweet daughter, it is what was planned for you. 
Any time I hear a message from God, it makes me feel big and small at the same time. Makes me feel strong and weak. Bold and shy. But this morning, after receiving this congratulatory direction, my back straightened, my hand tightened around my husband’s waist, and, you, my baby boy, became a little more mine. So, I’ll enjoy this happy Mother’s Day.

*Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who show me what it is to be a good one. Especially my own Mama. I love you and I can’t wait to work hard on being a reflection of the good and fun Mama you are.