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32 weeks! August is the size of a squash.
We’ve been a bit busy, building our nest. Our nest meant for three. 

And oh how we’re nesting
As for your dad:
Your carseat is in the car. Along with sunshades and a backseat mirror. 
Your robe is hanging in the bathroom next to ours.
Your little guitar has been broken in, and then some
Your highchair is put together, just in case you arrive a one year old, sitting up and ready for solid foods.  
And he is preparing to spend his three day weekend putting together all of your toys. 

As for me:
I have perfected the folding of fitted sheets. I believe the only person in the world that can do this is my mom. I folded every fitted sheet in the house.
And I’ll say this new talent is sufficient enough to stand on its own.

As for you:
Your heartbeat is steady and good.
Your kicks are strong and happy.
You attract many conversations from our new neighbors. Thanks for that, I’m usually no good with small talk. You little icebreaker you.
Oh and your dad & mum are very much in love.

Yep, our family is doing just fine.