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About a year ago, we found this little place & we signed a lease. And waited a long month to move in. During that month, Jared would often drive us by it. It didn’t even have to be on the way. Most times it wasn’t. He wouldn’t say a word as he slowed up in front of this little place. We would look out the window and dream of being married, dream of living together. We’d smile and one of us would utter ‘i can’t wait’ and then we’d be on our way. 

I remember in July, coming home from our honeymoon. We pulled into our driveway for the first time. Jared unlocked the door, picked me up, & carried me over our threshold. Kissed me and said ‘Welcome home, Mrs. Buchanan”. And the next few months were spent decorating and cozying up our little love haven. Our little home. 

The little home that has been the backdrop of us learning how to be a husband and wife. The backdrop to my growing belly and our preparations for parenthood. Our time here felt so much like playing house, but I’m pretty sure that just means we were doing it right.

But we’ve been packing up this little home because tomorrow we move. And as we were packing, I found boxes from when we were dating.  All our sweet memories in form of little notes and pictures and trinkets. Memories that are still so fresh, but I know won’t be for long. But there they are. Sitting in their box. Simply waiting for us to open them up and be reminded.

Well, this little home, filled with so many memories, isn’t a box. It won’t fit under our bed and it won’t be moving with us. It’s a bittersweet kiss goodbye, this house is. And though these memories are still so fresh, I know they won’t be for long. And that’s heartbreaking. 

So for now I’ll look forward to the days when we are in the car. And Jared, not saying a word, drives down this street, slows up in front of this little place, and we’ll look out the window and reminisce. One of us will probably utter ‘i miss it’ but we’ll be on our way. 
On our way to create more places in our hearts like this one.