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Happy Birthday to you.

the man who tells me daily he is proud of how wonderfully I’m growing our baby. 
the man who will jump at an instant to shave just so he can kiss me without prickle.
the man who makes our house a home.
the man who hates to see me cry but lets me because he knows it is important.
the man who checks in constantly to make sure I’m well.
the man who knows all the answers on Jeopardy. (…all the questions? I’m still not sure how that gameshow works.)
the man who cares about style and never wants to clash with what I’m wearing.
the man who held my hand under that umbrella two years ago and makes sure that hand never goes unheld.
the man who is an excellent hugger.
the man who serenades me with pretty much any instrument.
the man who hasn’t stopped pursuing me since we met and I know he never will.
the man who made me a wife and makes me want to be a better woman.

Happy Birthday you amazing, sweet, handsome, funny, sensational man you.