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Dear Husband,

  • I remember when I first met you. You shook my hand and kept your eyes on the floor. I wondered if you were shy or just judging my mismatched socks. 

  • I remember the days that followed when, try as I might, I couldn’t shake a thought of you. I thought of what kind of person you were, if you thought of me too, if you liked me, if you like liked me.

  • I remember how you held my hand that cold, rainy day in December. And how you kissed me under the mistletoe.   

  • I remember the way your face looked the moment after I told you I loved you, right before you grabbed my face to kiss me and let me know you loved me too. 

  • I remember the exact way you said my name before you proposed. I knew I wanted to hear you to say it forever.

  • I remember your pink cheeks and tear brimmed eyes as you so handsomely stood at the front of the church.

  • I remember you washing dishes in our old kitchen and singing that Patty Griffin song so loud and so beautiful. 

  • I remember the way you kissed me after I told you I was pregnant. Even though it came as a complete surprise, you kissed me as if it was a long awaited answered prayer.

  • I remember the kiss on my hand as soon as the ultrasound tech told us it was a boy. 

  • I remember last week, when you took me out to breakfast to celebrate one year of being married, and how that older fellow stopped at our table to compliment you on being such a perfect gentleman, pulling out my chair and then he told me I was a lucky lady.  

These memories are the things that keep me from going crazy waiting for our son. Days when it feels as though he’ll never come to meet us, I think of these moments. And I know that he will be here as soon as he is ready. Because he’s got so many memories of you to collect.

All our love,
Your lucky lady and lucky little boy