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I knew we would love you like mad. I knew you would be our little piece of God. And I knew you were going to feel like heaven in our arms.

What I didn’t know was how the wrinkles on your forehead would be the first of your features I would memorize. Or how you’d sneeze hard and loud, twice in a row just like your Daddy. Or how I would catch myself counting the lines in your lips because it gives me more reason to stare at them. Or how your breath against my chest would make me feel extra alive. Or how often I’d smell the top of your head, I knew it would be a lot, but really…I had no idea. Or how I would miss you so much while you were asleep.  Or how much you’d instantly feel like ours. Sweet August, you are ours. Ours to feed, ours to kiss, ours to hold, and ours to love. 

And beautiful boy, we are all yours. 

Welcome to our family, Little A. Welcome home.


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