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I thought with this little blog here I should recap this fantastic year of 2012.  Our baby blog did a great job of showcasing me and my growing belly. But what was behind the scenes of 2012, you ask? Well, this good, good year is all thanks to this good, good man. Darling Jared, you are the stuff my dreams are made of.

January (Pinkberry & Anthropologie, well gosh.)

February (Thanks for never missing an appointment! You are a super teammate!)

March (Oh, you.)

April (Voice of an angel, this one.)image

May (You make this life of ours a party.)image

June  (Fatherhood. You’re doing it right.)

July (That’s my man! With my baby! swoon.) image

August (You are a super father. August told me so.)image

September (I mean, look at you. You wear fatherhood well.)

October  (You love our son. You love him well.)image

November (Sleeping on your chest is our own little heaven.)

December (I love you.)image

Here’s to an even happier new year. If that’s even possible.