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Last night

Most nights Jared and I sit on the couch and talk each other off the cliff of running into August’s room to kiss him, hug him, just plain ol’ wake him up to see that million dollar smile just once more before the day is done.
But last night, last night was different. After we kissed August and told him we loved him and goodnight, I smelled his head. 
Oh that smell, he’s still got it. Does it ever go away? Don’t answer that. image
I spent an entire 3 months of my life sniffing that boy’s head. But now he is growing up and wanting to explore. He has much more important things to do than just lay in his mother’s arms, being sniffed. Sigh.image
I quietly exited his room with a silly smile on my face and a love song in my head.  And as I helped Jared wash the dishes, I told him that I felt drunk. Drunk on the love of our son. To which he hugged me and kissed me and looked me in the eye and agreed. 

So, last night there were no cliffs to be talked off of because our cups were overflowing with love for our babe. And we managed to wait until the morning to see our darling’s smile. 

And what a smile it is.


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