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August loves


He sits in the big tub and splashes at the water. He saves his very best and spittiest raspberries for bath-time.  I’m always impressed. Oh, and he loves a good hair washing, too. (He gets that from me. Both: the love of getting hair washed and the actual hair-washing). 

apple juice.
If he sees the juice, he will yell at it until it is in his belly. And oh, he is all business with his bottle drinking, complete with big glazed over eyes and petting the side of the bottle. And if you tell him it is all gone, he will not believe you! Always, always have a distraction on the ready if he is almost finished his bottle.

He pulls his little body over to the guitar, taps it, and looks around for Jared. And when Jared plays, August watches the strumming carefully. But when Jared is at work, I pick up the ukulele and play the five chords I know and make up songs. August smiles politely, but he’s not fooling me. Even I know, Daddy does it better.

green beans.
He will eat a double helping of green beans at dinner. He even says “mmm” the whole time he eats them and once they are all gone, he tries to eat the spoon. At the end of dinner, when his face is all green, I admire how dreamy green those dark shiny eyes can be.

Saturday and Sunday are definitely loves. When it is just the three of us, August is his happiest and his silliest. And so is Jared. And so am I. gif creator