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august says eat your heart out

imageWhen I was in the 2nd grade, I had a crush on a boy in class. On Valentine’s Day, he gave me a card. It was a picture of a monkey. And it read: “Here’s looking at you, kid”. How rude. Crush over.image
Despite this experience, I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. Romance is kind of my thing. And so is chocolate.imageOf all the Valentine’s Days I’ve lived, this year was the tops! With this little romantic how could it not be! He spent the day practicing saying ‘mama’, giving me the biggest kisses, and staring at me until I looked to which he would smile all bashful and dimply. Oh gosh!image

Not to mention, his incredibly good looking father who pulled out all the stops to make me feel adored. August gets his romantic heart from Jared. That’s the truth of it.