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Home: Playroom

I’ll be posting little looks inside of our sweet little home. Mostly for my mom. Hi mom! But partly for me. I hope to remember every inch of this apartment. So much good happens here every single day. For instance, it’s only 10am and already something groundbreaking happened here. Early this morning, August danced to music for the very first time. 


imageI put this little collage together the other day and the muscles of this family hammered it up there. Thanks Jared! The silhouettes are from a vintage shop, the framed illustrations are some that I drew when I was pregnant, the monster is from an artist at the Magnolia School in New Orleans, the card is one that I gave to Jared while we were dating, and the drawing on the bottom is from my artist and poet of a nephew and it reads “Dear August I hope you enjoy your years with the world”. Thanks Sulli! 

imageThis is my favorite room. It is August’s too. This room is the most joyful. It is the brightest and most colorful and brings out the most belly laughs. We spend most of the day in here. August is in there right now crawling from toy to toy, gnawing at his teething giraffe, and laughing as his feet hit the little piano. And occasionally he will look up from his toys to lock eyes with mine and give me the best smile I’ve ever seen. It is true what I say, so much good. every single day.