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In which we say stick it and head to the beach.


Okay, maybe we already had plans to come to the beach because the Daddy part of this family is a musical rockstar and scores us swanky hotel rooms with ocean view balconies and complimentary late night cheesecake desserts. He is fantastic and deserves to be kissed a thousand kisses.

We spent most of today in the van, watching the Curious George movie as many times as it took to get to Myrtle Beach. Jared and I can now recite the entire movie with Jack Johnson songs included. Just one more thing to make us even more awesome. (We know, we know. You wish we were your parents.)

This weekend will be sensational. This weekend is for adventuring with my two dreamboats. And for kissing them both way too much.

I hope your weekend is filled with adventures and one thousand kisses.