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A day in the life

8am: Morning tickles.image

9am: Homemade bagel while the baby naps.image

10am: Good morning sweet nap face.image

11am: Waffle wheels, yes indeed.image

12pm: He-hey everybody! It’s me, Mickey Mouse.image

1pm: Daddy’s home for lunch and we stare at him because he’s cute.image

2pm: Up from our 2nd nap & on our way to see Daddy at work.image

3pm: Just putting in some time at the office.image

4pm: Family walk because hello weather.image

5pm: Boy fell asleep! Impromptu FroYo date. image

6pm: Dinnertime. We like our beans green.image

7pm: Nighttime family portrait. Good night, good day. Good night.image