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Sunday rambling

Sunday morning we woke up really early to eat muffins and drink fresh squeezed orange juice because we are fancy. Okay, actually it was just our way of making orange juice out of the oranges life gave us…6am is real early, August.

We spent the rest of the morning getting ready for church. We had plans to be there on time. We had plans to maybe be there early to get a good parking spot. We had plans. But we are silly because we are parents of an eight month old boss. A baby boss who decides to start his nap three minutes before his parents had their clocks synced to be out of the door. Foiled.
When the boss woke up, we went to Lowe’s. I hate Lowe’s. It is big and loud and I’m constantly worried that all the very high and very heavy top shelf items are going to fall on my head, even though Jared had countless times tried to teach me otherwise. Jared loves Lowe’s. And as it turns out, Gus loves Lowe’s. Boys.

And inevitably, with all the empty aisle tomfoolery that led to many baby giggles, I left loving Lowe’s. I mean, they do sell pretty flowers and dream ovens. 

Our Sunday adventure then brought us to buy baby pajamas because August is a growing boy. These new pajamas have rubber bottoms on the feet, which is good because this little man can stand now! But also this is sad because rubber feet bottoms are for big boys and when did that happen?

Back home, we were all busy making our own plans for the rest of the Sunday. Jared was busy baby proofing our entertainment center, I was busy printing Target coupons, and August, well he is just busy, always busy. It wasn’t until I opened the blinds that we noticed the new blanket of white outside. Snow is sneaky that way. 
Snow in springtime is silly. So we left our busy business behind and bundled up to feel some of this silly on our noses. Jared took lots of pictures, I twirled and laughed, August just stared. He was not surprised by this unexpected winter weather because when you are a baby, everything is like snow in the springtime.I leave you with this wonderful photo that was an unsuccessful attempt at our family portrait. It’s blurry and grainy and Jared didn’t quite make it in the photo, but that look on August’s face! Now that’s a boy that loves his father right there. Good golly!