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Gus Lately


He will try anything and he likes everything. His first taste of something new involves shutting his eyes, wrinkling his nose, doing a little body shiver, and then quickly opening back up for some more. I could watch him try new things all day.

He pulls up and stands on his own two legs now. He’s proud of this trick. He’ll be playing in his playroom and I’ll be reading nearby and then up pops a little smiling head at the tip of the sofa. He waits for his much deserved applause and kiss on the head and then he slowly bends his knees and sits on his bottom and crawls away just to set the stage to do it again.

He can crawl on all fours now. We were at our baby music class the first day that he crawled on all fours. I totally wanted to mom-geek out about it. But I was in front of all these veteran moms whose kids were doing things like jumping and talking in sentences and wearing shoes. I really wished Jared was there to balance my mom-geek with his dad-geek but he was at work, so instead I sheepishly whispered in Gus’s ear that I was so proud. And then on the way home, I called Jared and we had a small over the phone parent party.

He is not afraid of loud noises as long as you explain to him beforehand that you are going to blow dry your hair, blend up a smoothie, vacuum the carpet, what have you. He just wants to be in the know. He also wants to be a part of the process. In example: if you blow dry your hair, he wants you to point the blow dryer at him occasionally because that is hilarious. If you make a smoothie, he wants a taste because sharing is caring. And if you vacuum the carpet he wants to first be held because you need help to hold the cord, and then quickly quickly he wants to be down on the floor so he can crawl to the vacuum and try to attack it because he is your valiant little hero infant.


We like him. And wouldn’t you know it, that boy likes us back.