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Little Notes on Easter

imageOn Easter Sunday, a dapper young gentleman accompanied us to church. He was handsome and sweet and happy and all the qualities that make a mother and father puff up their chests in pride. I spent most of the service thanking the Risen King for loving me so much and for loving Jared so much and for loving August so much. Along with a heart swelling thanks for giving the three of us each other. image
After church, we went downtown to hunt for Easter eggs. Jared found one that rattled with a jellybean and August thought that was just super. imageJared ate the jellybean, August ate the egg, and I held the umbrella. And that is the tale our only Easter family photo tells.
When we got home, we ignored the dirty dishes and took a family nap. Then when we woke up, we held each other close because God is so good. 
imageI belong to these two. And they belong to me. And that’s the way God has always planned. And that is just the kind of Easter I like to celebrate.