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Not today

imageIf you peeked inside of this little home, you’d find right there on the floor a neglected band practice of all the pots and pans and all the wooden spoons. You’d find every board book wet with slobber, hanging halfway read. You’d find an impressive floor display of all sorts of toys. You’d find clothes that need to be folded, clothes that need to be washed. You’d find cheerios, so many cheerios.imageIf you peeked inside this little home, you’d find a crawling baby with pink knees and a runny nose. A baby too curious to focus on one activity. A baby who wants to be held and not held.
And you’d find an exhausted lady in need of a nap. A lady who could use a good hair washing and a hug. A lady who is showing up because she loves that baby and those knees and that nose. And will one day, one day love those teeth. Not today.