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Surprise Picnic

Sometimes motherhood looks like a tired lady still in her pajamas at an embarrassing hour along with an embarrassing amount of empty Easter candy wrappers nearby. And a baby who doesn’t want to cuddle. He’d much rather climb up the walls and slobber all over and bark at me from across the room because his teeth hurt.  I try to reason with him that cuddling would be the answer to both of our problems, but no cuddles. He is too busy.So it’s about that time that the Rolos and miniature Reese’s cups start to give me energy. And the energy wakes up my mind enough to form fantastic ideas.
"Picnic!" I exclaim to Gus. He stares at me. Blinks twice and then smiles. He doesn’t smile because of picnic!, he smiles because I look at him and talk to him and he likes my attention. This makes me feel guilty because I realize I was just sitting there, being barked at, eating Easter candy, in pajamas, at 10:30am. And that’s when I decide that bubbles will be a part of this picnic, he deserves all the bubbles in the entire world. 
We pack our picnic and head out of the door and surprise a handsome, hardworking engineer at his office. He is delighted to see his family and a big green basket filled with foods. We find a nice sunny spot and start our picnic.August tries to escape the blanket many of times because he wants to eat all of the grass. August tries to escape his sunhat many of times because what is this on my head?! But these two kids here are on top of their game. Hat is worn (mostly) and grass isn’t eaten (mostly). Picnic! was a fine idea. It did get me out of pajamas and it did get me kissed. A fine idea, indeed.

Elbow dimples. Knuckle dimples. Pinkies up. It’s all too much.