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The Happy Haps

A little update on the accounts of my man, my boy, and myself.
My talents as a mother have expanded. I can grocery shop using coupons and doing math, all while singing the Daniel Tiger theme song to keep my baby entertained. I can change a diaper on a super fast crawling baby. I can steam peas and chop the tiniest carrots like you wouldn’t believe. I can tumble out of bed, walk across the apartment, nurse my sad awake baby, lay him back down to sleep, and stumble back into my own bed without even opening my eyes.  Bragging rights? I’ve got ‘em. imageAugust is a lovely combination of baby and boy. He’d rather be crawling most of the time, but being held is too hard to give up. See above picture for proof.imageAugust is really becoming who he is and I like getting to know him. He is very determined and focused with his toys. He puts different sized cars on his track and then turns them upside down and spins their wheels and laughs because wheels are hilarious. He stands next to his toy table and dances side to side to the alphabet song over and over because that song is his jam. And he works hard at getting that Jack to come out of that box all on his own because independence! But he still needs his Mama’s help. And she loves it. He sits in her lap and waits patiently as she turns the wand, then when the song gets close to its crescendo, his eyes start to squint and his little hands brace themselves and then the much anticipated POP! Jack comes flying out and August jumps and laughs and turns his head to look all googly eyed to his Mama like "did. you. see. that?" and it’s just about the best thing ever. So then we just do it about 50 more times.imageJared is busy being an incredible husband, an adorable father, and an all around superhero. When Jared comes home from work and August sees him enter, he starts crawling fast toward his Daddy. And that moment makes the day for all of us. Then he plays the most fun games like tickle the baby and airplane with the baby and all the boy things that August eats up. Then the man cooks supper, bathes the baby, and recites the bedtime story that he’s been reading Gus for months now. He kisses him good night and then draws me a bath. He makes jokes about how he drew me a bath but it didn’t turn out that good-looking so instead he just decided to run some water in the bathtub. And I laugh because hilarious. Then he helps me clean the kitchen and we talk about how we can’t believe we are parents. We usually look at a few pictures and videos of August because he is asleep and we miss him. And then he tells me he loves me and that I’m a good mother. And I kiss him because if you have the chance to kiss a superhero everyday, you better take it! imageAnd here’s a family selfie because well, I’m not sure why. Why does anyone take selfies? I guess because why not?image