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My boys bought me flowers from the City Market on Saturday. Summer is ours. We were made husband and wife in the summertime. We were made father and mother in the summertime. And this baby here, he has always been my sweet, sweet summertime, even in the dead of winter.Jared plays in the church band once a month. Which means August and I arrive early to listen to them practice. August dances to the music and stares at Jared in complete admiration. #cooldadAugust also enjoys having an empty church to crawl. crawl. crawl.It was cute this one time so I took a picture. What was even cuter? After all the paper spun off the roll, he looked at me confused and tried to put it back. I explained to him it would not go back, he cried and pressed his head in my neck. Message received? He stands for seconds at a time and he thinks it is the coolest. So do I.
After weeks of terrible teething, he has two halves of teeth. They just kind of popped in and gave up. I like those two tiny teeth. Especially when he begs to have a sip of my water and I hear them clink against the glass. It’s a new kind of adorable I wasn’t prepared for. Honestly, I’m never prepared for the levels of adorable he manages to reach every single day.