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Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler

This is my beautiful Mama and my dear ol’ Dad holding my baby. I used “my” a lot in that sentence and I’m not even going to change it because these three are mine and that’s just something that I am allowing myself to brag on.
And now for a whole heck of a lot of pictures that I’ve been putting off uploading because emotions. I miss my parents and little brother much too much.image
August absolutely adores Remy. She taught him the sweetest little trick. The word dodo comes from a cajun french term of ‘night-night’. She’d say ‘go dodo’ and then slowly sing ‘dodo’, and that little dreambaby would lay his head on her shoulder and be as relaxed as I’d ever seen him. That woman knows how to mother.
Remy’s house has two dogs and a cat. At first Gus was cautious, but it didn’t take long for him to want down. To crawl after the cat’s tail and to touch the dogs’ wet noses and to occasionally grab a good handful of the dogs’ hair. They were cool with it. Even Jack-Jack, my Mom’s nervine chihuahua, let Gus have a few pets! Babies have some serious leeway with animals!image
Gus loves Pops, of course. But I think he decided Pops was the absolute coolest when he was invited into Pops’ mancave to watch any Disney and PBS show on demand while sitting on his lap in fancy leather movie theatre recliners. image
Pops loves Gus, of course. But I think he decided Gus was the absolute coolest when he ordered an all-the-way pizza and gave Gus a slice and Gus demolished it with his bare hands and two little teeth. #men
My brother, Buddy, came home to spend a few days with us. Buddy has gotten tall! He is almost my height now!! He still gives a good ol’ quick hug and back pat and he will repeat anything you say as long as a Coke is involved. I love you too, Buddy. ;)image
Dad and Buddy look so much alike these days. Just look at them walking in step. Adorable.image
Gus took an especially strong interest in Buddy. String. Popsicle sticks. Playing cards. Sitting on the floor. These are all things that apparently jive with Gus. He sat in front of Buddy and held up a card to tell/babble to anyone who would listen about how awesome his uncle’s stuff was. Buddy would quickly take the card and try hard to keep all of his belongings out of Gus’s reach. With absolutely no avail, poor Bud.
Eventually, Buddy would point to Mom and sign “baby”. Meaning “Please. For the love. Keep this kid from climbing on me, pulling my string from me, and chewing on my well-kept cards and sticks!!” image
Eventually, Buddy and Gus became pretty good friends, thanks to their mutual enjoyment of Jimmy Neutron.
Buddy even let Gus take cards straight from his hands. A grand gesture of approval in the world of Buddy. Thanks Uncle Bud! Gus sure does love you.image
Decidedly, August loves Pops and Remy’s house. What’s not to love when you are allowed to swim/ski through popsicle sticks and 11 decks of playing cards?image
And open and close and open and close and open and close the cabinets.image
And be given Buddy’s old infant walker as your own little vacation cruiser. image
That walker, man. He zipped and zagged and u-turned and ran his little legs faster than ever before with that thing.
Needless to say, the walker stayed in Louisiana.
Ain’t nobody got energy for that in my house. :P
I’m biding my time before he learns to run. I say run, because that’s what this boy is after. To him, walking is for the birds.
Gus has always been a good-times-rollin’ sort of fella. It was so nice to bring him down to laissez les bon temps rouler with the best of ‘em: Remy, Pops, and Uncle Buddy. <3