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Maybe I'll Blog More Now

I have been wanting to move our blog to a more user friendly space on the internets for a while now. Last night I finally did it! Welcome to our new online digs.
Thank you goes out to my husband, who had band practice last night, and to my baby for falling asleep like the angel that he is, for leaving me at home to be bored enough to embark on such adventures.
Thank you to google and youtube for dumbing it all down enough for even me to figure out how to do it. 
And last of all, thank you to Tumblr, for creating a very not Jenna-friendly uploading situation that made me huff and puff and google MOVE TUMBLR TO BLOGGER FOR DUMMIES. All caps, people. It wasn't my finest hour.

And so there you have it, folks.
We have moved to Blogger, and now as a reader you can do fun things like leave comments.
I really hope you do. 
I mean, you don't have to. 
No pressure. 

Also, if you scroll down to the bottom, you'll notice you can browse old posts!
Which includes all those pregnant posts I did and the ones of when Gus was just a new little baby. Those pictures will make you put your hand over your heart and your head will cock to the side and your eyebrows will raise and you'll take a big gasp of breath. Oh, just me?

Speaking of pictures of Gus, are you seeing these photos I put in this post?! 
Good gravy, he is a beautiful baby.

And we end with a passionate "Meeska. Mooska. MICKEY MOUSE!"
Feel free to do the hot dog dance. If only I could get my hat to do what Goofy's hat does. If only.


  1. Hooray! Great work as usual, Sweet Darlin'!

  2. Oooh! Have you seen the wonderful thing that happens when you click on one of the pictures?!

  3. had to click on a picture strictly bc of Jared's comment...way cool!
    glad we can comment now bc opening up an email to "comment" was out of the question (notice no emails were sent by me to you)...but I do love your blog! and YES blog MORE!! remember when I kept a blog? then I got pregnant...yeah, stuff stops the more you add to the mix. here's to you keeping it up! >clink<

  4. I love the new layout! I'm excited about leaving comments. Yay! And your blogs are awesome...definitely blog! And Corie, you wrote maybe two entries on that old blog! Ha!


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