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Talking about the Weekend on a Wednesday

Friday night we brought a picnic of Jimmy John's and met up with my sister and her family to watch the UVA marching band practice their game day music. August thought this to be incredibly riveting. He ate a big pickle (his JJ's usual) and did a little dance as the band blared cotton eyed joe. His outfit was drenched with pickle juice almost immediately so I was glad I brought him an extra outfit. Except all I grabbed was a onesie. And so, in a onesie and boots., he adorably danced and so boldly ran around with some elementary aged girls. Go get'em, Tiger! 
We usually have a standing family ChickFilA date on Saturday mornings, but we opted to stay in. We spent our morning switching out our summer clothes for autumn clothes. This Indian Summer is something serious, but we are determined to show him who's boss. This is also why we spent the rest of the day stocking up on all of our cold weather soup ingredients. Taco soup, curry soup, chili, and gumbo for months and months. Put a scarf around my neck and a bowl of one of those in my hand and color me happy. 
We also managed to put together pieces for August's Halloween costume. He is going as Daniel Tiger. We dressed him up and watched him squeal to himself in the mirror. It was one of those high five parenting moments. "This kid is gonna score us so much candy!"

Sunday morning we did our usual headless chicken dance of getting ready for church. We arrived 20 minutes early so the nursery wasn't open yet. I may have given the side eye to my husband who was certain we weren't going to get a good seat. But all was well with the baby. Gus spent his extra time running down all the aisles of chairs and trying to climb to the pulpit to give what I am sure would have been an adorable sermon. But alas, nursery opened its doors and Jared walked him down. As soon as I saw Jared walk back without Gus, I started to miss him. 
What is he doing? Does he miss me? Should I just go check to see if he needs a cuddle?!
Good thing there's Jared to put his arm around me and whisper "he's fine". 
I made it through the service but I am always the first parent for pick up every week. 
The rest of Sunday was full of naps and cooking and cleaning. Normal Sunday happenings. Although there was a phone call from my sister around 5pm telling me to get my family down to Whole Foods because free dinner was happening. She knows just how Jared and I are still very much college kids and free food is our jam. 

And that's just how our weekend went. 
And now it is Wednesday, which means this is being posted late. It also means the Indian Summer aforementioned is outta here and crispy leaves crunch under our wagon on our evening walks! Switching those clothes and buying that soup stuff was totally what did it. You can thank me later.

It also means 2 days until my Daddy is here! Do you know how happy this makes us?
There. That about covers it. 


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Also, Matt and I are very far removed from college days and we still love a free meal - I don't think that ever changes. :)


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