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We Rock at Bedtime

A quiet unbusy moment is very hard to come by these days. When August is awake, the house is alive with little running feet and dramatic demands for snacks. There are diapers to be changed and bobos to be kissed. There's the daily rotation of Mom! pick me up, Mom! chase after me, Mom! cuddle me, Mom! twirl me, Mom! sing to me, Mom! watch me play, Mom! watch me eat, Mom! let's watch all the videos of me on your iPad, Mom! let me stick my finger in your belly button. Repeat. And when he is napping there are goldfish crackers to be swept and mushy banana to be washed out of my hair. And a house that needs my attention, but I normally ignore and instead, put on clothes and make-up while I watch episodes of 30 Rock.

And so, I cherish the ten minutes I spend at night rocking August before bed. It is dark and quiet and the only important thing in that moment is be with my son, pray over him, and rock us back and forth. It is the one thing that has not changed since the very first night I brought him home. And since that very first time I rocked him, my prayer has not changed much. Mostly I ask God if I'm doing it right. I ask God to help me make Gus happy and kind. And I thank God that I get to be the one to be busy with him all day long and the one to rock him at night.

And then I spend some time thinking about our day and tallying up each time I got this smile:


  1. I used to ask God the same question about you guys. My answer came in my kids' kids. So yes - you are totally doing it right! Love you like no other dad loves their kids

  2. Dad- that is sweet! Thank you! I love you!

    Corie- I know, it is THE best!

  3. wanted to add that what you wrote in paragraph one starting with sentence four reminded me of this:

  4. Haha! That's great! I do hope that I am a little more interested than Gru's mom.


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