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A Very Merry Buchanan Christmas

This year was the first that our little family wasn't traveling for Christmas. And while we missed our parents and siblings dearly, we knew how extra special it was to know the tree that we decorated and the halls that we decked were going to be the same halls and tree that would help us honor our Christmas morning. Not to mention the thought of our sweet little baby crawling down our steps to experience the magic that is Christmas in our very own home.
On the night of Christmas eve, Jared and I did our normal bedtime routine with August except maybe in a little more haste. Because as soon as he was nestled all snug in his crib, we ran downstairs to get things ready for Santa. And that's just about the time that I started pregnant crying all over the living room.
There are these rare, grand moments in my life that I feel as though God is giving me a forehead kiss. And silly as it may be; standing in my Christmas tree lit home with my husband humming Christmas tunes and my baby dreaming of what I can only imagine were sugarplums was one of those moments. I hope I never forget it. I hope to experience it every Christmas. I hope August does, too.
Now, while I could go into detail about how completely magical Christmas morning was with our one year old's gasps and 'wow's and spontaneous outbursts of giggles, I won't need to! Because wouldn't you know it, that gem of a husband of mine sent me out for a mani and pedi, and when I returned he surprised me with a beautiful video montage of our Christmas morning. He's a total babe like that.

I'm a total sucker for a video montage. Hope you are too.