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It is Monday

Greetings from our last Monday in 2013! It wouldn't be Monday if we didn't have your typical Garfield face palm I Hate Mondays moments. Jared and August spent most of the day watching movies and takings turns coughing. I spent my day taking care of them, which means my day was actually pretty awesome. Don't get me wrong, hearing their coughs and moans sure is the pits. But, I don't mind the running out to get Gatorade and chicken soup. And the extra cuddles from them was much more Friday-ish than Monday-ish for me. But still, it's Monday and we're all feeling it.

A sick little August Abram is a cuddly little August Abram and that is kind of the best thing ever.

And here we are! It is Monday night and we ordered take-out and August is clapping because that's just an adorable something that he does all the time. He is always up for a celebration, that kid! And Jared is just a little loopy from some cold medicine he took. I swear, that's his first smile of the day. And if you know Jared, then you know that is something. And here I am with my ever growing baby bump that I love so much. The baby's little kicks and movements make me feel so alive and purposeful. And although pregnancy comes with its aches and pains and burdensome nature, I must say that I am pleased as pie to be growing this baby that I know will bring August such joy.  He really is going to be a crazy awesome big brother. And every time I use the word 'brother' for him, I pregnant cry. So there's that.

And here's this.

It's our favorite thing to do these days. Sometimes he'll even run up to me and lift my shirt a little and kiss my belly. Just because. 
I know he doesn't really understand, but it makes me incredibly happy because I just know this baby feels it.