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"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

August: I took him to storytime at the library. As soon as we walked into the class, he ran and started booty dancing and clapping in the middle of the storytime circle, causing everyone to laugh. He then walked around to each baby and patted them softly on their heads and told them hello. And I just really like him a lot.

Baby: I was laying on the couch at the end of a particularly exhausting day, when August scooted up beside me and laid his head on my tummy and whispered things into my belly button. Then his sister started to kick and move like crazy and he giggled softly and smiled really big. And I have been living off of that sweet moment for days. Days, I tell ya!


  1. Awesome, Jenna! Hang in are in the good days! They seem hard at the time, but you'll look back one day & wonder where the time went. Love you!


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