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A Few Happy Things I Don't Want To Forget

There's a little flower that started to sprout out of our rock garden about a month ago. Even after two late winter snows and little toddler hands trying hard to pick her, she has kept growing. She's a resilient little flower. Now she is bloomed and drinking in the sun and happily greets me when I step outside to throw out diapers. She is a real beaut. I draw daily inspiration from her strong, thick stem and her happy purple flowers. She's my reminder that we grow and persevere. Even when it snows late into the season. Even when we spend most of our day throwing out diapers. 
This photo was taken on a night we had a date planned. In all the excitement of getting out and going to dinner, we put our toddler to bed 20 minutes earlier without knowing it. The toddler knew. He cried and cried and when we went to check on him he wanted up. We tried to convince him with songs and stories and gentle rocking to go fall asleep but after an hour's worth of coaxing, he convinced us to let him out of his room instead. Let's just say, Jared and I weren't the happiest. We canceled our night out plans and let Gus watch the opening of Jimmy Fallon with us. He laughed and laughed as if he got every joke. Then within 10 minutes I caught a yawn, an ear pull, and an eye rub. THE TRIFECTA! He went straight to sleep his crib and when I came downstairs, my date was rummaging through the pantry to cook us up a nice dinner. I've loved every single date with my Jared, but this one just made me feel like the luckiest girl around because it was real life.

Sometimes, when Jared has a minute at work, he facetimes Gus and makes him laugh and laugh.
This is me in my mom uniform: yoga pants, a sweatshirt, and always with my toddler pulling my hand. It may not be the most attractive picture of me. I wish I didn't look so exhausted, but it is real life and has been my favorite photo since I took it a few weeks ago. 
This was our anatomy ultrasound when we found out that we were having a girl!
We tested George out in the new carseat and August decided to just go ahead and be the sweetest and cutest ever. 
This was Valentine's Day. It was snowing and I was sick and we were at a grocery store. August fell asleep on Jared, so we decided to have an impromptu coffee date. I don't remember much about what we talked about or what we ordered, but I remember we were sitting right across from the florist department where there was much commotion of last minute flower and balloon buying. And I remember looking at my husband holding our sleeping toddler and falling in love with life in that moment. I made it clear I did not want flowers or balloons.
He agreed, but he did surprise me with this little bouquet of NOLA. And now that I'm seeing this picture two months later, I need more Abita Root Beer. Stat. ;)
I took this picture and immediately gasped at how much he looks like a grown up kid. Blast you, Levi's!
Saturday these guys fell asleep on the couch and I spent the hour tiptoeing around and eating lunch as quietly as possible and peeking in over and over at how beautiful they were.
That's a mirror that needs Windex. But mostly that's a well-loved toddler.
He is very into pulling us together to hug and kiss and then he claps for us. Jared jokes that Gus is his wingman.
 And there you have it. A few happy things that I don't want to soon forget.