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"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014"
My sweet & talented sister, Corie, took these photos for us last weekend. She's talented. And sweet. Thanks, Corie! 

August: This week was Mother's Day. Hi Mom! And Jared's birthday. Hi Husband! And August's first (and, I pray, only) true sickness. Fever, fever, fever, moaning, fever, whining, crying, 4am wake ups, cuddling!, fever for an entire 3 days. (I do realize how lucky we are that it has taken 22 months to experience this, AND how lucky we are that it only lasted 3 days...but it's my blog and I'm too pregnant to not wallow. And so.)
Mother's Day and Jared's birthday were spent at home watching all sorts of Kids Netflix & Hulu shows, while August laid clumsy across the couch and then across my belly, and eventually across Jared's chest. While I had a very beautiful and very sweet Mother's Day, I believe I may have apologized to Jared 5 times about his birthday being an afterthought to our son's sickness woes. But Jared kept reassuring me that it was the. best. day. And now that a few days have passed and Gus is back to his usual busy non-cuddly self, I believe that Jared did have a pretty good 28th. You see, Jared is a stay-in-pajamas, watch obscure cartoons,  cuddly cuddly kind of guy. Gus and I aren't. So on his birthday, oh. He totally lived. it. up.

Baby: My mind drifts off to her a lot lately. When I was pregnant with August, all I did was think about him for my entire pregnancy. There are blog posts to prove it. But this time around, it hasn't been that way. Sure, she's been on my mind, but mostly as August's little sister. But now, I think of her more as mine. My daughter. And it is intoxicating. Packing the hospital bag with her sweet, pink, dreft-smelling onesies was the kicker for me. Now my mind is all newborn baby girl all the time.