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Today our August Abram turns two. TWO!

When August came to the hospital to meet Auden, I couldn't believe how big he'd gotten and how long his hair grew and how strong his legs were as they ran around the room. Which is nonsense, since I'd only been gone from him for one day. But the comparison from holding brand new baby Birdie to hugging a two year old Gus confused my head. How did he go from being so little to being so grown while I spent every single day with him? Somehow I felt that I missed it.
Late last night I sorted through videos and photos of his second year of life and compiled them into a video montage. I watched as his skinny little legs wobbled underneath him as he walked and I saw his two little teeth turn into a mouthful and I laughed along with him as he giggled his way through the past year and I noticed all the happy and the silly that was lived in this family. And I realized I didn't miss it. I was there the whole time, growing along side him. He is a joyful little soul and he makes me a better person and he brings life to this family. And I'm just happy to know him.
The video is 4 and a half minutes long, which is long. But he's already watched it three times this morning and it is only 9am. So, this is for you my August. You bring us so much joy and, by golly, you are loved. Happy Birthday, Gus. You are everything.


  1. That was quite a whisper of a memory of baby gus. He is quite a toddler/kid these days.
    Thanks for the stroll down memory lane.
    He still hold the title of best laugh ever! He even gives Money Pit Tom Hanks a run for his money.
    Love you Gustafer! Happy happy two to you :D


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