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Waffle Fries & Deep Breaths

Fridays are complete teasers. You wake up singing Rebecca Black and rejoicing about the weekend, yet in reality you still have an entire day of work ahead of you. And sometimes one day can feel like an entire week. Today was that day.
The morning was fine and normal with only one toddler meltdown over I forget what and maybe just touch too much tv time. (So Auden could nurse without Gus trying to shove a paci in her mouth in hopes that her food source would come play trains instead.) It's not an ideal day but it's our new normal for now.
Yes, that's the Price is Right. It is his new favorite and I can't complain.
It wasn't until after naptime that I thought I just might not survive another second under this roof with these sweet, but cray children. The toddler was busy laughing with crazy eyes and tearing apart his train table that I made the husband kragle (hot glue) last night. (didn't work, honey. Plan C?) And the newborn wanted nothing but her paci to be held in her mouth by yours truly. Oh, and for her brother to stop throwing trains on the hardwoods. Okay we both wanted that last one. So it was then that I took all my deep breaths and changed the diapers and grabbed the carseat. The toddler caught on quick to this new idea and didn't give me time to change my mind as he ran fast to grab my flip flops, his sandals, and Birdie's hat. Not sure why the hat. Maybe because she doesn't have shoes? We piled in the car and, even though Justin Timberlake was on the radio and the swagger wagon was all a party, the newborn cried the whole way and with a bit more gusto at every stoplight because that's her job and because I have yet to introduce her to the magical and mood changing ways of JT. Gus stared at me through the rear view like why she cryin'?
No worries, Mom. I took this photo in the safety of my very own driveway. Car in park and all.
I honestly had no idea where we'd go. I contemplated just a jaunt around the block. But the toddler is too smart for that cheap thrill and I knew there'd be a two year old sized meltdown waiting for me upon arrival home. Also I needed something that would knock out at least 30 minutes of our 3 more hours of non weekend we had left. This is when I remembered early this morning telling Jared I had a craving for lemonade. ChickFilA has lemonade and a drive thru and waffle fries. You know, EAT MOR POTATOES! So to the ChickenFilA we went. Auden cried just long enough for the well mannered high school student to hand me my order and make a frown face for me. Which I appreciated because sometimes I like sympathy from the youth.
We parked in the lot and much to August's humor, I jumped in the backseat and gave him a fry. I convinced Birdie to enjoy a paci and I sipped my lemonade while we watched Robin Hood.
It isn't the bravest thing I've done and we might not have left the car, but upon arrival home I felt pretty valiant. Especially when Birdie fell right asleep in my arms while August sat and read a few books. 
Now we just have 30 more minutes until the husband gets home and the real weekend starts. We can do this.